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Favor bank account

This is one it’s kind of unique offer, for NGO and other individual people…, who really want to do something for our society, our nature, stray animals, environment. If you wants to convey your message by using visual language (print / web media and graphics designing).

You all have to do here is, just click here now, fill the personal detail and provide the detail of your IDEA, e.g. if you feel, in the area where you live around is very dirty and people need’s to educate on importance of cleanliness… or you are an NGO and working on any social issues and need to develop the small brochure, posters web base awareness material etc.

addLit will do that all conceptualization, visualization and design execution without any single penny for you.

Because addlit feels, it is our morel responsibility that in which society / environment we lives, we also have to do something for them.

So feel free to write us and open your favor bank account with addLit and with our society / environment / nature now.


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